"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now."

Designing Your Retirement Lifestyle

  • Are you considering downsizing and moving into a retirement village with your friends?

  • Review living and care options which respect your de-facto your relationship of past 30 years?

  • Thinking about moving in with the kids or building a a granny flat but not sure how that may impact your pension and care costs?

  • Find culturally appropriate retirement living and care options?


 Stay Independently at Home

  • Mum's about to go for surgery and Dad can't manage on his own at home.  I can't afford to take time off work. How can we get help they can afford? 

  • My deteriorating eye sight means I won't be able to independently go to the shops or visit the club anymore. Can I afford the help to maintain my routine? 

  • I live alone and will need knee surgery soon.  The house will need modifications to fit my wheelchair.  How do I fund all these major expenses with my limited savings? 

  • How can I get subsidised care to help me maintain my independence?

Aged Care Navigation and Costs

  • We just can't continue to take care of dad at home. Everyone is exhausted.  The deposit for a bed at the local nursing home is $600K.  Should we sell the family home?

  • The hospital does not think mum can ever live alone at home post surgery.  They've given us 7 days us to find a facility which will take her.  Where do we even begin?

  • I will soon need to put my partner into full time care facility.  What will it cost us? How do we pay for ongoing expenses and bills for our shared home?  How will this impact our aged pension?